So glad to be home! Thursday, November 18, 2020 “Maine, the way life should be”

This is Jean and this my promised “happy to be home” blog. First, thanks to everyone for your prayers, and good wishes! I am certain that is what got me through. Now, I need your patience as I relearn how to blog. This may be out of order with odd formatting, but the correct dateContinue reading “So glad to be home! Thursday, November 18, 2020 “Maine, the way life should be””


…And feeling great! We’re all going to crash tonight but Jean will give an update tomorrow. Goodnight all! With love ~Katie, Jean, Glen and Mack

Last Night at B&W

Hi fam and friends! Jean asked us to give one last solid try at a professional blog post ;). We are happy to report that she is doing well, her external pacemaker was removed and she has not had any Afib issues today. She has had some continued pain but has been walking and gettingContinue reading “Last Night at B&W”

Folks, I am back!

Hello family and friends, I am happy to report that I am back. Thank you sincerely for your kind prayers, good wishes and everything else I have received. It really lifted me up enormously knowing you were out there for me. Thank you, thank you! Today was post surgery day four. It was a farContinue reading “Folks, I am back!”

Update on Jean

Hi friends and fam! Days 2 and 3 of Jean’s recovery have been steady and pretty smooth. She had her chest tube removed without incident or pain (hooray, this was a REAL concern for her!), has been walking the halls and has an appetite again. Her voice is back and, as some of you mayContinue reading “Update on Jean”

Day of Surgery

This is my day of surgery. I doubt I will have much time to add anything more to this blog, but either Glen or Katie will post while I am resting. The above photograph is what I will be thinking about in addition to my children and grands as I drift off to sleep. ThisContinue reading “Day of Surgery”


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