Three weeks and checking in

Dear Friends and Family,

Today, three weeks and one day after my surgery, I had a follow up appointment with Dr. Alan Jansuwicz my very able local cardiologist.  He told me I was doing great.  As happy as I was to hear that, I must note that I still have quite a distance to go to get back to “my old self.”  I suspect much of this has to do with the medications I am now taking to protect my heart during the healing process.  They have already been adjusted downward, thank goodness, and I am now, no longer a zombie.  Yet, I am still a tad woozy.  It turns out that I need to stay on the medication for three months following surgery, then, if all goes well, I may graduate back to my old routine.  In the meantime, I know I am lucky to be doing as well as I am and will work on being content to happily pursue a Zen life and color between the lines. 

Now that I am less woozy than I was last week, I am resuming my walking routine.  I am hoping that I will build strength more steadily now.  I will be doing weekly blog updates and hope to report my trajectory as good, better, best!  In the meantime, I did write another poem for my zoom poetry group.  It is entitled “Truest Love.”  Once again, alas, wordpress is defaulting to double spacing Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it! 

Heartfelt Season’s Greetings,



mixing up a poem,

a sweet bit of meter

plus a dash of bubbly

slipping over the rocks

with a twist at the end.

I intend to serve it up

as a celebratory aperitif

at a small gathering

of interesting friends.

For we slipped away in the bleak miasma

of grey November for a risky reset.

A white knuckled, urgent matter of the heart

if not the soul, is at last, blessedly resolved.

And  now, as we begin the Advent Season,

I sense the growing glow,

the twinkling promise of second chances.

My body and spirit tingle with urgent gladness!

So! Let us serve up the light

as our cups overflow!

Less toasting, no boasting

more caring, real sharing.

Darkness rolls back.

A new day is born.

We are infused with

the magic of the truest


Truest Love© by Jean M. Deighan 2020

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