Week Six and Final Virtual Visit with Surgeon!

Hello all!  Today Glen, Katie, and I met with Dr. Kaneko via Zoom at our kitchen table.  He confirmed what we already knew; that although I am still recovering, I am progressing extremely well.  This reflects considerable progress from a FB post I made at week 4 when we hung five Christmas wreaths on theContinue reading “Week Six and Final Virtual Visit with Surgeon!”

So glad to be home! Thursday, November 18, 2020 “Maine, the way life should be”

This is Jean and this my promised “happy to be home” blog. First, thanks to everyone for your prayers, and good wishes! I am certain that is what got me through. Now, I need your patience as I relearn how to blog. This may be out of order with odd formatting, but the correct dateContinue reading “So glad to be home! Thursday, November 18, 2020 “Maine, the way life should be””


Hi All- Jean was transferred from the ICU to a step down unit early this evening. She is doing well although she has pain, discomfort and has been through hell. Luckily, she has a great team looking after her and they are helping to make her more comfortable as she recovers. She looked a lotContinue reading “DAY 2 – THINGS ARE ON THE UP!”

Post surgical updates from Katie/Glen

Hello friends and family! Mom is out of surgery and being transferred to a room in the ICU. The surgery went well!!! Dr. Kaneko called us and confirmed he was able to do a repair, there was no SAM or tricuspid valve issue and mom is doing well. We will provide further updates once dadContinue reading “Post surgical updates from Katie/Glen”