Last Night at B&W

Hi fam and friends! Jean asked us to give one last solid try at a professional blog post ;). We are happy to report that she is doing well, her external pacemaker was removed and she has not had any Afib issues today. She has had some continued pain but has been walking and getting stronger. We are looking at a mid-day discharge tomorrow and a return home to Penobscot Street. Jean is READY and excited to return home (and also very thankful to the wonderful people at B&W who have helped her immensely along this wild journey). In addition to B&W, we need to do a little shout out to the Residence Inn at Fenway where we have had a comfortable stay during this stressful time with our pup Mack. We also want to thank each of you for your love, concern and well wishes! It surely has helped Jean.

On to Maine! ~Katie, Glen and Mack

8 thoughts on “Last Night at B&W

  1. Wonderful news! Home is always the best place to be. Thank you for being such great support for Jean and for
    bringing her home. Yay!


  2. Good morning Katie and Glen! Thank you for the great 👍 update! It is good new about Jeanie and wonderful that she has you there too.


  3. Dear Jean, Katie, Glen and Alex, What fabulous news. You will be home and really on the mend by Thanksgiving. So happy your team was as wonderful as ours a Moffitt. From the Surgeon to the housekeeper, all so professional and caring. We have much for which to be grateful.


  4. Jean! So glad to hear that things have gone well! What a relief. Can’t wait for you to get back to painting… and to our long chatty critiques… we’ll stay in touch…all the best in the world to you…Jim


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