Day of Surgery

This is my day of surgery. I doubt I will have much time to add anything more to this blog, but either Glen or Katie will post while I am resting. The above photograph is what I will be thinking about in addition to my children and grands as I drift off to sleep. This is a photo of Glen and me on Roque Island’s mile long beach, a place where some of the heart rocks were gathered. I am looking forward to being there next summer. As they wheel me down the corridor, I plan to think of this place, Glen and and all of my future plans to celebrate years of future family birthdays, graduations, weddings. when I awaken after surgery completely comfortable, although likely very tired. Every day I plan to get a bit stronger and feel better. Lest you think I have already been administered some anesthesia, I am simply following the suggestions in Huddleston’s “Prepare for Surgery Heal Faster” a book which I had already read, but was recommended by Brigham and Women’s. I recommend it as well.

Let the Wild Rumpus Start!




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