Hi All-

Jean was transferred from the ICU to a step down unit early this evening. She is doing well although she has pain, discomfort and has been through hell. Luckily, she has a great team looking after her and they are helping to make her more comfortable as she recovers. She looked a lot more like herself today than she did when I left last night, which was great.

Backing up to yesterday, Katie and I were beat last night when I got back from B&W and we had dinner quite late. We crashed shortly thereafter filled with relief but regret that we did not update you all on Jean’s condition. Jean’s surgery yesterday lasted a bit more than 6 hours but it turned out to be very good. She had more extensive damage to the three mitral valve leaflets but they were all repairable – no replacement porcine valves here! She also did NOT need any work on her tricuspid valve which had been a lessor concern. Dr. Kaneko believes that she has a durable repair and that she will be fine. THANK YOU DR. KANEKO!!!

The COVID rules here limit visitation to two hours per day between 1-8:00 pm and for only one visitor per day (in truth, they are more flexible but don’t leave, as you won’t get back in!). Jean has been up in in a recliner chair twice today – her breathing tube was removed last night before I left – an entire bank of monitors fled the scene for other locales today and as I said at the outset, she looked beautiful to me today in her strength and her resilience.

So, all is well and tomorrow will be an even better day with better and better days to come. Thank you all from Jean, Katie (who is here with Mack and me), Alex and Keya (who have been here with us virtually throughout the process) and our family and friends for your love and support. You all have helped Jean confront this challenge bravely and we know you are cheering her on as she gets back on her feet.

With love ~ Glen and Katie

8 thoughts on “DAY 2 – THINGS ARE ON THE UP!

  1. Thanks for the update. I am so glad she is doing well and I pray that everyday she feels better. Gotta be hard.
    Love you all!!!!!


  2. Please send good wishes to Jean from both Diana Young and Nina Jerome. We visited their studios today and missed having Jean with us. Hugs.


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