Update on Jean

Hi friends and fam! Days 2 and 3 of Jean’s recovery have been steady and pretty smooth. She had her chest tube removed without incident or pain (hooray, this was a REAL concern for her!), has been walking the halls and has an appetite again. Her voice is back and, as some of you may know, she’s got her phone :). Thankfully, she has the energy to read again and is getting back on her regular schedule of watching Meet the Press and Fareed Zackaria GPS this morning. Her only complaint about her recovery – the hospital and staff have been wonderful!! – is that time is inching along.

That said, there have been a couple of bumps along the road. Yesterday Jean developed Afib, which we were told by Dr. Kaneko might occur on a temporary basis. After being on mediation to regulate her heartbeat for a couple of hours, she converted back to a normal sinus rhythm and has been fine ever since. This morning they discontinued the Afib medication and she has been Afib-free since. Jean also had a chest pain yesterday, akin to a severe cramp, that gave her a scare but the nurses helped her and they think all is well.

Glen has visited Jean since Wednesday and Katie is jumping in today because we are still limited to one visitor per day. We found out this morning that Jean will likely not be discharged until Tuesday, which seems appropriate and prudent.

Jean is doing very well, getting back to normal and is in good spirits. Yeah!!!

With love ~ Glen and Katie

5 thoughts on “Update on Jean

  1. So glad to hear from you with such good news. Allen and I are visiting at New England Baptist tomorrow, so my good wishes will be coming from closer by. Jean, you go girl!


  2. Looking forward to seeing you on the BHYC DOCK! Hopefully we will all have a good summer…after a mild Spring!!
    Glad you are doing so well! Anne


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